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Straight Shooters List

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Joined: 24 Jul 2005
Location: Bellevue, WA Post Count: 996

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:34 pm    Post subject: Straight Shooters List Reply with quote

Hello buyers, traders and sellers !

This list is build by members of the FBTB forums to help other members in their transactions over the B/S/T/F forum. It is, however, not controlled by FBTB nor it's staff. Please read the Buy/Sell/Trade Guidelines for more information about transactions made over this forum.

Also, anyone new to trading, buying or selling items online should definetly check out the thread "Things you need to know when you buy or trade online".

What is a "Straight Shooter" exactly ?
A Straight Shooter is a member of the FBTB forums that has been recommended by other members for trades or sales that went smoothly.

How does someone get to be on the list?
To be on this list, members have to be recommended at least three (3) times by three (3) different members of the FBTB forums for different trades or sales they have concluded (no buyers please).

How do I recommend someone that I traded with or bought from ?
To recommend a member with whom you have recently traded with or bought from, just post his/her forum nickname in the feedback thread (please, be careful about spelling the nickname right) with your recommendation.

If that person is not on the list yet, your recommendation will be added to his offline record. If the member is already on the list, a positive feedback will be symbolize by a "+" next to the member's nickname.

Sellers, please do not nominate your buyers, as we are looking to recognize good traders and sellers with this list.

Who updates the list and how often is the list updated?
The whole concept of a "Straight Shooters' List" was originally brought to FBTB by do not disturb, was developped by copyright, but for a while now, I, Daz Hoo, have taken upon myself to manage this list. Of course, with this version of the list, everything is done under the supervision of the Trading Guild. So if you feel I don't do my job right, you can always contact the other members of the Guild to discuss the problem.

The list is updated periodically. I usually wait until I have a full page of recommendations to add, the usual equivalent of once every two weeks (depending on how much trading has been done). Since I (Daz Hoo) have a life outside FBTB, please don't PM me or bother me to update the list. If your name deserves to be there, it will be put up there with the next update.

But since I'm not perfect, if you think I made a mistake in the update, please PM me about it. I'll gladly double check my records.

My name used to be on the list, but now it's gone. What happened?
Well, two things could have happened :
1) Your name was on the list before this current version of the list. If so, well, tough luck, because we had to restart it from scratch.
2) You probably missed the last Straight Shooters' List Roll Call. You can PM me to get your name (and your current feedback) back on the current list.

Can I leave negative feedback for a deal/trade/sale that went sour?
Yes, you may. Just post the member's nickname here (please, be careful about spelling the nickname right) and explain, giving as much details as possible, why you are giving this person a negative feedback.

However, a member receiving negative feedback will have the right to post one (1) reply, giving his/her side of the story. All other replies by either party will be deleted by a moderator.

All negative feedbacks will be examined by the Trading Guild. If the negative feedback is judged justified, one of two things will happen :
- If the member is already on the list, a negative feedback might be symbolize by a "-" next to the member's nickname;
- If the member isn't on the list yet, this will go into his/her offline record. Two (2) negative feedbacks to members not on the list will automatically put them on Jabba's Black List.

What is Jabba's Black List?
Jabba's Black List includes members who should not be trusted when it comes to trading with them, buying from them or even selling to them. Members are put on Jabba's Black List by the Trading Guild for severe infractions or for too many consecutive negative feedbacks. Of course, members not already on the Straight Shooters' List will have less chances to redeem themselves than well established Straight Shooters. All matters regarding Jabba's Black List are supervised by the Trading Guild

What is the Trading Guild exactly?
The Trading Guild is made up of members with remarkably well established reputations over FBTB. These members are experienced traders, sellers and buyers. They are responsible for :
- settling negative feedback issues;
- nominating members for Jabba's Black List;
- nominating members to the Reliable Smuggler's status;
- nominating other members to join the Trading Guild.

Here are the official members of the Guild so far :
- copyright
- Daz Hoo
- Duchessa
- mmcb
- BCspeed34

What's a Reliable Smuggler?
A Reliable Smuggler is a member of the Straight Shooters' List that has an exceptional track record. They are the most reliable and well respected traders and sellers here on the FBTB forums. If you don't see any feedback next to their name, it's because they have too many good feedback to count. So, just trust them. Wink

Of course, too many justified negative feedbacks will get them off that list, but it's very unlikely to happen.

I hope that this list will help you have tons of great transactions over the FBTB B/S/T/F Forum.

Happy dealings!
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Joined: 24 Jul 2005
Location: Bellevue, WA Post Count: 996

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Updated December 21, 2008

Straight Shooters :
(members that were recommended by at least three different members)
ACPin ++
Adi_Credal +++++++++
AJayIrish +
Andi ++++++++++++++++
Armorman ++
aquaphase +++++
basille68 ++
Benjinaeon X -
Beltramtalespinner ++
bobskink +++
brickscout ++++++++
Burning Burning Anakin +++++++
Buzz +++++++++++++++++++
CAV Trooper ++++++++
Chris36 (ccjwprongs) +++++-+++
CGduo +++++++++++++++++++
Curtis (Commander-Appo) +
CustomWiz +
Darktide +
darth_goob +
Darth Gundam ++++++
Darth Sillyus ++++++
darthviper107 ++++++++
Daz Hoo +++++++++
dinos.den ++++
Dunamis ++++++++++++++
DutchSkywalker ++++++++++++++++++
dWhisper +++++++++++++++
Ed the Wolf +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Emperor +++++++++++++-
enchantedknight56 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
Erlic +++
etcknight ++++++++
evilpharmacist ++++++++++++--+++++++++++
Fett ++++++++++++++
Flesh Skywalker ++++++
Force Master
Greg Hyland ++++++
Ian Altano (ARC commander Altano) ++
Inzane ++
Jar_Jar_Bricks ++++++++++
JPCJedi ++++++++++++
juicepup ++++++++
Juniormak +++
Junsier +++++++++
kazla ++++++++++++++++++
kotorfan2000 +++++++++++++
Kungfused +++
kyorek21 ++++++++++
legofanatic209 -+++++++
legoloco ++++++++
legomaniacs ++
legomd +++
LightsaberClash +++++++++++++++++++++++++--+-
logang1 ++++
lotus10 ++++++++
Marty ++++
Masta Lego +++++
minivenom +++++++++
Mofo Jones ++
Mrfledermaus +
n8 +++
Nannan ++++
Nighthunter22 +
Ninth Circle +++
Outrider ++++++++
pacman110011 ++
P.C. ++++++
Pro/E Jedi ++++++++
Qzak ++++++++++++++++
Rayman +++++
RebelRock +++++++
renegade +++
ricefields +++++
RickF +
RogueJedi007 ++++
Rudders +
shoggoth666 ++++++++++++++++
sith35 ++++++++++++++++++++
-=skywalker=- ++++++
slintech +++++++++++++++++++++
Shubes312 +
Silverspyder +
smiles_hope +
starbeanie +++++
stawas +++
stewbacca ++++
Stubek +
supernova +++++++++++++++++++++++
swlego +++++++++++++++++
SW Lego Nerd +
swlegonut +++
Swoosh Factor ++++++++
tamuhockey +++++++++++
ThePlasticJedi +
thief ++++++++
trilerian +++++++++
ufjason +++
Unit 186 ++++
Vintoggin ++
Voice of Reason ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
warhawk +++++
Whiskeylake +

Not on the list with a negative feedback :

Jabba's Black List :
(members with who you should not bargain with)
han solo13 AKA jackspearow13 AKA Zachary Shukait
Senator Theant

Reliable Smugglers :
(members who are the most reliable traders and sellers out there)
Pete's Lego Empire
?what master?
I <3 my Lancer Evo VI

Last edited by BCspeed34 on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:21 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Joined: 05 Feb 2005
Location: Arizona, USA

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi All,

Lets thank Brent / BCspeed34 for his offer to upkeep our SSL until the forum reboot.

So we can keep all the feedback in one thread, please post your feedback comments to the feedback thread, formally known as the SSL v.3 thread.

I will leave this topic unlocked so Brent can update it and you all can sing his praises and ask questions about the SSL, but any off-topic discussion and feedback related posts will be unceremoniously deleted, possibly with a PM follow-up.

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