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[SPOILERS!!!] Order 66

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 12:30 pm    Post subject: [SPOILERS!!!] Order 66 Reply with quote

yet another long one, not all of it though, will update later today

Chapter 18: Order Sixty-Six

Pau City was a cauldron of battle.

From his observation post just off the landing ramp of the command lander on the tenth level, Clone Commander Cody swept the sinkhole with his electrobinoculars. The droid-control center lay in ruins only a few meters away, but the Separatists had learned the lesson of Naboo; their next-generation combat droids were equipped with sophisticated self-motivators that kicked in automatically when control signals were cut off, delivering a program of standing orders.

Standing Order Number One was, apparently, Kill Everything That Moves.

And they were doing a good job of it, too.

Half the city was rubble, and the rest was a firestorm of droids and clones and Utapaun dragon cavalry, and just when Commander Cody was thinking how he really wished they had a Jedi or two around right now, several metric tons of dragonmount hurtled from the sky and hit the roof of the command lander hard enough to buckle the deck beneath it.

Not that it did the ship any harm; Jadthu-class landers are basically flying bunkers, and this particular one was triple-armored and equipped with internal shock buffers and inertial dampeners powerful enough for a fleet corvette, to protect the sophisticated command-and-control equipment inside.

Cody looked up at the dragonmount, and at its rider. “General Kenobi,” he said. “Glad you could join us.

“Commander Cody,” the Jedi Master said with a nod. He was still scanning the battle around them. “Did you contact Coruscant with the news of the general’s death?”

The clone commander snapped to attention and delivered a crisp salute. “As ordered, sir. Erm, sir?”

Kenobi looked down at him.

“Are you alright, sir? You’re a bit of a mess.”

The Jedi Master wiped away some of the dust and gore that smeared his face with the sleeve of his robe—which was charred, and only left a blacker smear across his check. “Ah. Well, yes. It has been a … stressful day.” He waved out at Pau City. “But we still have a battle to win.”

“Then I suppose you’ll be wanting this,” Cody said, holding up the lightsaber his men had recovered from a traffic tunnel. “I believe you dropped it, sir.”

“Ah. Ah, ye s.”

The weapon floated gently up to Kenobi’s hand, and when he smiled down at the clone commander again, Cody could swear the Jedi Master was blushing a bit. “No, ah, need to mention this to, erm, Anakin, is there, Cody?”

Cody grinned. “Is that an order, sir?”

Kenobi shook his head, chuckling tiredly. “Let’s go. You’ll have noticed I did manage to leave a few droids for you…”

“Yes, sir.” A silent buzzing vibration came from a compartment concealed within his armor. Cody frowned. “Go on ahead, General. We’ll be right behind you.”

That concealed compartment held a secure comlink, which was frequency-locked to a channel reserved for the commander in chief.

Kenobi nodded and spoke to his mount, and the great beast overleapt the clone commander on its way down into the battle.

Cody withdrew the comlink from his armor and triggered it.

A holoscan appeared on the palm of his gauntlet: a hooded man.

“It is time,” the holoscan said. “Execute Order Sixty-Six.”

Cody responded as he had been trained since before he’d even awakened in his crèche-school. “It will be done, my lord.”

The holoscan vanished. Cody stuck the comlink back into his concealed recess and frowned down toward where Kenobi rode his dragonmount into selflessly heroic battle.

Cody was clone. He would execute the order faithfully, without hesitation or regret. But he was also human enough to mutter glumly, “Would it have been too much to ask for the order to have come through before I gave him back the bloody lightsaber…?”

The order is given once. Its wave-front spreads to clone commanders on Kashyyyk and Felucia, Mygeeto and Tellanroaeg and every battlefront, every military installation, every hospital and rehab center and spaceport and cantina in the galaxy.

Except for Coruscant.

On Coruscant, Order Sixty-Six is already being executed.


Dawn crept across the Galactic City. Fingers of morning brought a rose-colored glow to the wind-smeared upper reach of a vast twisting cone of smoke.

Bail Organa was a man not given to profanity, but when he caught a glimpse of the source of that smoke from the pilot’s chair of his speeder, the curse it brought to his lips would have made a Corellian dockhand blush.

He stabbed a code that canceled his speeder’s programmed route toward the Senate Office Building, then grabbed the yoke and kicked the craft into a twisting dive that shot him through half a dozen crisscrossing streams of air traffic.

He triggered his speeder’s comm.. “Antilles!”

The answer from the captain of his personal crew was instant. “Yes, my lord?”

“Route an alert to SER,” he ordered. “The Jedi Temple is on fire!”

“Yes, sir. We know. Senate Emergency Response has announced a state of martial law, and the Temple is under lockdown. There’s been some kind of Jedi rebellion.”

“What are you talking about? That’s impossible. Why aren’t there fireships onstation?”

“I don’t have any details, my lord; we only know what SER is telling us.”

Look, I’m right on top of it. I’m going down there to find out what’s happening.”

“My lord, I wouldn’t recommend it—”

“I won’t take any chances.” Bail hauled the control yoke to slew the speeder toward the broad landing deck on the roof of the Temple ziggurat. “Speaking of not taking chances, Captain: order the duty crew on the Tantive and get her engines warm. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”


“Just do it.”

Bail set the speeder down only a few meters from the deck entrance and hopped out. A squad of clone troopers stood in the open doorway. Smoke billowed out from the hallway behind them.

One of the troopers lifted a hand as Bail approached. “Don’t worry, sir, everything is under control here.”

“Under control? Where are the SER teams? What is the army doing here?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t talk about that, sir.”

“Has there been some kind of attack on the Temple?”

“I’m sorry< I can’t talk about that, sir.”

“Listen to me, Sergeant, I am a Senator of the Galactic Republic,” Bail said, improvising, “and I am late for a meeting with the Jedi Council—“

“The Jedi Council is not in session, sir.”

“Maybe you should let me see for myself.”

The four clones moved together to block his path. I’m sorry, sir. Entry is forbidden.

“I am a Senator—”

“Yes, sir.” The clone sergeant snapped his DC-15 to his shoulder, and Bail, blinking, found himself staring into its blackened muzzle from close enough to kiss it. “And it is time for you to leave, sir.”

“When you put it that way…” Bail backed off, lifting his hands. “Yes, all right, I’m going.”

A burst of blasterfire ripped through the smoke and scattered into the dawn outside. Bail stared with an open mouth as a Jedi flashed out of nowhere and started cutting down clones. No: not a Jedi.

A boy.

A child, no more than ten years old, swinging a lightsaber whose blade was almost as long as he was tall. More blasterfire came from inside, and a whole platoon of clones came pelting toward the landing deck, and the ten-year-old was hit, and hit again, and then just shot to rags among the bodies of the troopers he’d killed, and Bail started backing away, faster now, and in the middle of it all, a clone wearing the colors of a commander came out of the smoke and pointed at Bail Organa.

“No witnesses,” the commander said. “Kill him.”

Bail ran.

He dived through a hail of blasterfire, hit the deck, and rolled under his speeder to the opposite side. He grabbed onto its pilot’s-side door and swung his leg onto a tail fin, using the vehicle’s body as cover while he stabbed the keys to reinitialize its autorouter. Clones charged toward him, firing as they came.

His speeder heeled over and blasted away.

Bail pulled himself inside as the speeder curved up into the congested traffic lanes. He was white as flimsiplast, and his hands were shaking so badly he could barely activate his comm..

“Antilles! Organa to Antilles! Come in, Captain!”

“Antilles here, my lord.”

It’s worse than I thought. Far worse than you’ve heard. Send someone to Chance Palp—no, strike that. Go yourself. Take five men and go to the spaceport. I know at least one Jedi ship is on the ground there; Saesee Tiin brought in Sharp Spiral late last night. I need you to steal his homing beacon.”

“What? His beacon? Why?”

“No time to explain. Get the beacon and meet me at the Tantive. We’re leaving the planet.”

He stared back at the vast column of smoke that boiled from the Jedi Temple.

“While we still can.”
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Joined: 06 Feb 2005

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow, that's big. Where'd ya get it?
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The Comeback Kid

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 6:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sweet. But man, all this good stuff... I don't want to get my hopes too high. Therefore I'm issuing order 67 - no more spoilers for paddy.
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Joined: 07 Feb 2005
Location: Southern California

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 6:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bearpred6 wrote:
wow, that's big. Where'd ya get it?

www.millenniumfalcon.com theres more to this too, i might just type up the scans myself later
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